Our vehicles and options

Our Kröne and Schmitz semi-trailers and reliable Volvo FH vehicles with the latest engines which meet EURO 5, EURO 5 EEV and EURO 6 norms and are equipped with the Dynafleet system will meet all your expectations of a timely and safe transport of your loads.

Modern tractor and semi-trailer combinations constitute the best and most reliable equipment on the market!

VOLVO FH 4x2 Standard and Low deck tractor units.

KRONE SDP 27 Standard and Mega semi-trailers enable transporting goods of up to 3 m height. Sizes of the loads carried:

  • maximum length 13.6 m,
  • width 2.49 m,
  • height (STANDARD) 2.76 m,
  • height (MEGA) 3.0 m

  • The volume of a STANDARD transported load is 93.5 m3,
  • The volume of a MEGA transported load is 101.5 m3,
  • Transport of loads on up to 34 Euro-pallets.
  • Possibility to transport loads up to 24 tonnes of capacity.

All our semi-trailers have a certificate compliant with DIN EN 12642 Code XL norm. Most of our semi-trailers can carry up to 30 Euro-pallets, which facilitates exchanging pallets at loading and unloading sites.

We care for the maximum safety of our loads by installing tie-downs, corner protectors and anti-slippery mats in our tractor and semi-trailer combinations which keep your delicate goods intact.

Our best trained and experienced drivers sit behind the wheels of our vehicles.

The drivers work within a system that allows for drivers' working time regulations to be met. Our drivers are not tired! This improves the safety of the load carried.

During the transport, your load is subject to liability insurance of the carrier for a total of EUR 250,000.